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A History of the Paris Figure Skating Club

In 1963, Vi Cormier, Honey Kolanko & Donna Mason wer the founding members, with the help of the first Executive. The Executive included Fran Jarvis, Joyce Smith, Jean Powell, Lois Patterson & Ann Cunik along with the help of the first Club Professional, Jacqueline Barnes.
The first show, "Ice Capers" was held on March 26, 1964, with 85 members taking part. The club now has approximately over 170 members, some as young as 4 years old to Adult.
After three years of operation, the club was sponsored by the Brant & Woodstock skating clubs for membership in the CFSA in Ottawa & the request was granted. Today we are proud members of Skate Canada.
The Club started out with two hours of ice time per week in the former Syl Apps Arena, and now, in it's new home in the Brant Sports Complex, it uses over 15 hours of ice time, spread out over 4 nights a week. The club continues to offer year round skating with Spring & Summer sessions.
The first year of operation required only one Professional Coach. The club now has eight Coaches to teach both private and group lessons to help skaters achieve their goals for competitions & tests.
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