Meet Our Coaches

The Paris Figure Skating Club has a highly qualified team of coaches, who have been certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

Everyone on our team has a passion for coaching, just as our students have a passion for figure skating.  We want to make it easy for every student to learn and be able to facilitate all figure skaters to reach their maximum potential.

Penny Colwell

Club Pro / Freelance Pro

Kaytlyn Dixon

Club Pro / Freelance Pro

Dawn Hall

Byron Sheldrick

Club Pro / Freelance Pro / Dance Pro

Club Pro / Freelance Pro

Dawn Brokers

Club Pro / Freelance Pro /

Dance Partner


Teresa Westergaard-Hager

Club Pro / Freelance Pro

Maddie Bard

Canskate Club Pro

Megan Wilson

Canskate Club Pro